DazyJane9's Shop Announcement

Hi Everyone! :)

Thank you for visiting my store! I can’t believe it’s the New Year! I’m so VERY SORRY I didn’t open with any “New Items.” That makes me sad. :(
Stupid mental tapes like, “No one would want that;” play over and over in my head, while I was in the finishing stage for the wood for the earrings I wanted to make. It’s no wonder they were ruined in the end. :(
So...as the war continues in my head, instead of being “stuck,” in what I didn’t accomplish last year, I am going to move threw the mud towards the future. I’m truly sorry for all the let down. Please forgive me, as I work on forgiving myself as well.
My goal this year is to get my juices running strong again. Check back with me sometime this summer or maybe even the spring! :)

One can still Dream! :)

“Thank you” again for stopping by!

***Be advised shipping price may fluctuate due to weight of package. Please use what is here as a guide.

Thank You :)