Step 3. Start working! Lotte organizes the whole thing, Janneke makes sure she keeps up with the artwork.
Step 1. Think of a great idea. They usually appear in the shower and grow over night.
Step 2. We need to clear our desk to give that idea a fair start.

Cutting Newspaper into Strings

De Krantenkapper, Dutch for 'Newspaper Barber' is the coming together of us sisters.
Lotte had so many ideas working with textiles, trying to build her own business. And Janneke just couldn't detach herself from her computer while designing. But somehow we didn't make any progress being sole makers, there was something missing.

When Lotte asked Janneke to design a Birthday calendar for her, co-working lifted us up and gave us a new direction. How special it felt to be able to work with your sister and face so many adventures together.
Almost three years later now, we have learned and experienced so many great things. Our business is blooming.

We could have known this collaboration would be a success for we ran our own barbershop when we were kids. At the age of four and six we spend hours to cut the pages of the newspaper into thin streaks and attached them to our heads using a tiara. This newspaper hair was braided, curled and of course cut from long and wavy to crispy short.

Today we design paper. Things on paper, things out of paper, things that need paper. We're paper barbers. Newspaper barbers, for we like things to be recycled ;)
de Krantenkapper
Designer, Photographer
Designer, Shipping
deKrantenkapper uses 3 manufacturers.


  • Stamp in Back Gilze, Netherlands Our rubber stamps were made by Fred with great devotion. He makes them in his own workshop in the back of the stamp-shop he runs with his wife Ank.
  • Creative use of Technology Breda, Netherlands Our laser-cut products were made by Creative Use of Technology. Owners Jeroen and Has are our laser-technicians ;) Oh and, they have a shop on Etsy as well:
  • InHout Hertogenbosch, Netherlands InHout is a social workplace where working with wood is a very welcome everyday job for lots of talented crafters. These fine lads produce the grips for our stamps.