deadthingsgrrl's Shop Announcement

I WILL BE MOVING!!! My shop will finally have a proper home at, where it should have been all along. Please add that shop to your favorites, as my shop will be rehomed soon :) This one will be left up with a redirection link, just in case.

Welcome to my the lair of eccentric :) Here you will find some of the strangest, most unique eclectic handmade goods around. There's no telling what could show up, and I welcome any inquiries into custom pieces.

ALL of my products are made artfully and carefully. The stuffed animals are dry-cleaned before use, and untagged/unknown stuffing is replaced with hypoallergenic stuffing. Everything remade is hand-stitched with nylon ripstop military-grade thread, and the skulls are anchored on the body by stitches before they are finally bonded to the bodies. There are no glue lines or sloppy seams. These are meant to last.

Accept no alternative, Snuff Stuffies originals only here!

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