debbisdresses' Shop Announcement

I have been crafting and sewing since I was very young, sitting at my Granny's feet while she crocheted or tatted or knitted.
My grandma always used to tell me that sewing skills skip a generation, so it was up to me to learn to sew. I still remember standing up on stage with the Girl’s Honor Choir. The costume was a plaid pleated skirt and a white turtleneck, so my mom decided she would make the pleated skirt without realizing that she didn’t know how to make pleats, so she gathered the skirt and that was my epiphany – I needed to learn to sew. So I sewed every chance I got.

My Barbie doll had every possible dress and costume I could come up with, so I started selling them to my girlfriend’s for $.50. When Grandma found out about my little side business, she explained to me about the business end of selling, costs of goods, time involved, etc. so the Barbie business was rapidly closed. Well, except for my own Barbie and birthday presents for my friends. I sewed most of the doll clothes at home on Mom’s electric Singer. I had no problem threading the top thread and could wind the bottom bobbin, but I couldn’t thread the bottom thread and my sisters wouldn’t teach me. So I would always wait until someone had sewed something and the bottom thread was in place to work on my doll clothes. Made for some interesting colors of threads on the dresses, but I was just happy sewing.

So Grandma encouraged me to start sewing things for myself. She was so patient with me. I still remember her fingers all wrinkled and misshapen with arthritis, but she could still make fabulous wedding dresses with hand-made tatted edgings.

She taught me how to take store-bought patterns and adapt them to be the dress I really wanted. Then I went to college on the East coast and found home-made bell bottoms and jean skirts and tie dye. I was in heaven and happy to become a hippie. My kids still call me an old hippie. But I sharpened my sewing skills again with the birth of my first child, Philomena. And renewed designing dresses with the birth of my granddaughters.

So for all the time I spent with Grandma who gave me many art skills, I dedicate my shop to Ora Hines Young.

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