DeconstructingEden's Shop Announcement

Hello and welcome to my shop!

My fragrances are parfum strength which is 50% oils, (essential oils aromachemicals) and 50% perfumer’s alcohol. I use a very high grade of perfumer’s alcohol that has no scent at all. So my fragrances are very concentrated, very high grade fragrance.

Most commercially marketed parfum strength fragrances are anywhere from 10%- 40% oil and perfumer’s alcohol.

Eau De Toilette fragrances are 5 -15% oil and a mix of perfumer’s alcohol and a small amount of water.

Eau De Cologne is 3-8% oil , perfumer’s alcohol and a much larger amount of water.

The high blend of base materials to alcohol and no water will give you concentrated, long lasting scent with the ease and convenience of a spray bottle.