Dedriannes' Shop Announcement

Products custom made for every type of skin and condition from ingredients you can trust. Try our travel lotion bars! Excellent for travel and and ease of use for every day healthy skin! There is no gluten added to any of our products. Ask for a sample and we will send you one immediately!

Established in 1997, We as a family owned and operated business which strives to bring products to you made purely, without synthetics and chemicals. We test products on us first before they go up for sale. In the development of our pet products we actually used humans to test the animal products on. We add to our quality, always finding better ingredients at better prices and have been known to sacrifice our own profit for a better quality ingredient. We never stay with an ingredient that does not surpass ours and your expectations.

A majority of the company's ingredients are obtained through food distribution companies or other all natural suppliers and we always look for USA made first. Looking for local suppliers before going on a national hunt allows for better quality ingredients and supports our local economy. The containers for our products change according to quality and price and we strive to find containers made from recycled materials.
Dedrianne's has been in business and is family owned and run; since 1997. Over the years we have developed an extensive knowledge of herbs and how to treat skin conditions. Dedrianne's has an extensive list of products that can be custom made for you in our shop. We use organic products as much as possible while supporting the local economy.

Our Manufacturing PROCESS if you are interested....
Our travel lotions are manufactured in large cooking pots over burners like you would if you were canning large quantities of food. The ingredients are brought into the shop in large 50 gallon pails, organic oils when at all possible are obtained from companies in the United States. Almost all our oils come solid below 76 degrees Fahrenheit so they have to be cut and measured by hand into the large pots. We obtain beeswax from the United States and preferably as close to our shop as possible for quality and support of our local economy.

Once the oils and beeswax are measured the burners are put on low and a slow melt starts while the batch is stirred to insure evenness of ingredients. Once the ingredients are melted the large pots are stored to cool over a 24 hour period. The next day the base batches are tested for quality. Now the base batches are ready to fill orders. We fill orders in 10, 20, 50, 100 and 1,000 item batches. This applies to all our products.

Our clam shells are custom made in the United States. We lay them out side by side on clean stainless steel surfaces while base batch is being measured out and fragranced according to the order. Once the base batch is ready it has to be poured quickly but at a low temperature and laid to cool for 10 minutes. The clam shells are cleaned and closed.
After the pour is complete and clam shells closed they are wiped down one final time and labeled.

*Our body butter are manufactured the same way but with less beeswax than the travel lotion bar.

Every product we create and carry is made in this method; hands on, no computers or large machines putting people out of work. These products are made in the United States to support the economy in the United States. Quality ingredients and pride in our products is a must.
Any questions please contact us.

We welcome requests for seminars.
Contact us at
167 Sunrise Drive
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
dedriannes [!at] 1-866-276-4976

What happens when you request a shipping quote from us?

Firstly, we are happy to provide you a quote once you have completely submitted an order on line, in person or on the phone.

We do not provide quotes without an order.

We will then email you a quote based on the estimated weight and size of the order. We will give you as many options as possible, including the least expensive (often the longest shipping time) and the quickest method (often the most expensive).

Shipping quotes are estimates and may change.

The factors of shipping charges

Weight and dimension:

We have more flexibility with weight and dimension of your shipment to get you the best quote. When we give you a quote, it is always based on what we can best do for you and your order!

However, you should know that your best shipping prices will squeeze in Flat Rate envelopes (either USPS or FedEx) (From $24 USD to $29 USD).

If your order is bigger, we will try to squeeze it into a Flat Rate Box. We can do that up to 20 pounds. The flat rate box costs about $78 USD.

Insurance will be paid by the customer no matter the shipping method used.


Orders shipped by Priority Mail generally take 6 – 10 business days to reach their destination country. Expedited and FedEx shipments could reach their destination country in as little as 3 days.

Other things to consider

Duties and Taxes: Duties and taxes assessed by your government will be your responsibility.

* USPS Global Priority Mail does not include tracking or insurance. If you choose USPS Global Priority Mail you are responsible for lost or damaged shipments. Dedrianne's will not replace lost or damaged shipments shipped via USPS Global Priority Mail *

Customs: We work with the highest integrity and so will not mark packages as gifts.
Please keep in mind that orders including plastic containers can be bulky and can be easily damaged. We will pack them the best possible but we recommend insurance on all packages, domestic and international.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.