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Vintage Art Pottery. Vintage Watches. Vintage Ties. Table Top Treasures. Character Collectibles. Excel in the Art of Living with this Designer's Trove of Rare Vintage Finds. Art pottery to suit your good taste. Estate watches to glorify your wrist. Ties to tie it all together! It adds up to "delovelyness"!

Delovelyness is a designer's trove of rarities. Celebrated interior designers, art directors, museum curators, and commercial photographers know that "delovelyness" features rare and special items to inspire and complete their projects to perfection. Treasures from delovelyness have been featured in dwelling and interior magazine spreads, celebrated theatrical productions, and nation-wide advertising. Their secret is safe with us!

Do you seek the unique? Mark a wedding, anniversary, promotion, birthday or graduation, with a gift from delovelyness. Savvy shoppers know that "delovelyness" locates hard-to-find items that would take months or even years of searching. One of them may be exactly what you are looking for.

Because we are located in Central Florida, we often come across Mickey Mouse and Disney items of special interest to collectors. Sometimes these "Character Collectibles" were initially offered only at Disney parks or stores, sometimes they were limited production items for Disney cast members or stock holders, and so forth. We are always glad to keep the magic alive by featuring vintage items that show the world's favorite mouse, and his friends.

Shop delovelyness for "American Art Pottery" - "Vintage Watches" - "Vintage Ties" - "Table Top Treasures" - "Character Collectibles" - and vintage finds of all kinds.

Are you new to Etsy? You don't have a PayPal account? No problem! You have the convenience of paying for items you buy from "delovelyness" by using your credit card. It's secure and easy as 1-2-3. As always, easy and convenient Pay Pal is a purchase option for you at "delovelyness", too. The choice is entirely up to you.

If you do not see what you want - ask us. We may have it, or know just where to find it. Especially in our Big Three Categories of Art Pottery, Classic Watches, and Designer Silk Ties. If you are searching for something specific, let us know - we will keep an eye out for it for you. We have some fabulous loyal regular customers who've let us know what they collect, and - wow - have we found treasures specifically for them!

We love adding items, and do so often. If you click the "follow" button, you can have an inside track on our latest finds! Simply click on our icon, then click on the "Follow" button. It's that easy.

Everything from “delovelyness” is vintage. So of course it is loaded with character. Sometimes that means signs of use down the decades. It also means there’s just that one. If you see something you like, the best time to buy it is now. Once it is gone, it’s gone. We don't have a stockroom with more of the same!

Nearly all "Vintage" items have been worn, used or previously owned. Rarely, one finds a vintage item that is old warehouse stock. Please understand that every vintage item in our shop has been worn, used or previously owned, unless it is identified as New Old Stock (NOS); these never-owned items may nevertheless have signs of age or flaws.

By buying vintage treasures from "delovelyness" you help recycle and reuse quality pieces and the many different materials they are made of. These items were made long ago, so there is no manufacturing process involved for us to offer them to you. Please, help keep our world green, go vintage, and...

Add some "delovelyness" to your day!

We offer things we love, ourselves. It just turns out that other people love them, too!

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