Silk sari ribbon, things made of sari ribbon and more

African lost wax brass beads, turquoise, and sari ribbon. Also a lovely vine necklace.
Crocheted hats and headbands mixe with yarn fibers and sari ribbon.
I love to sew, this is a wonderful faux fur headband and coat that I created for myself
Silk sari ribbon journals
I call her joy.

Color, design and uniqueness are what I bring to the world.

I started out sharing my love for saris and sari ribbon on Etsy. I wanted to sell sari ribbon and then that would make my supply to create with at no cost to me and I could just go like crazy creating everything and anything with lots of color! I had no idea how much my love for sari ribbon would spread to others, I'm speechless as to how hard and fast my shop grew into just crazy selling of sari ribbon. I'm so inspired by all the others on Etsy that love sari ribbon and share with me their creations. I have touched many creative hearts and it just keeps spreading as my customers touch my heart, I feel overwhelmed with emotion.

My mother is my biggest inspiration of all, as a little girl I watched her create, sew, make soap, knit, crochet and take care of me. I sat along side her unable to keep my hands off and wanting to touch everything she created with. She loved me most for it because as I grew mother and I were becoming one of the same.

When I get my import of White ribbon from India, along with colors, I take that white ribbon and dye it colors that I want to work with. It's funny how what my mind and heart see others want to have. There is something about color that gives joy to everyone. I get excited when each shipment comes, it's like being at a smorgasborg of silk!! The patterns, different types of silk all running together to make skeins of silk sari ribbon. There I sit in my piles of ribbon and decide, 2 for me 1 for you, 3 for me, 1 for you. lol or is that 5 for me and 1 for you,,,it's so hard!!

I work for a design firm full time and love being around the textile library. I get to see first hand what's going on in the building of office suites, what has been invented and what colors coordinate and give the up to date feel. My day job is actually a blast and I have been doing it for 16 years.

Welcome, welcome to my heart one and all and I know whatever I list here on Etsy, someone is going to fall in love.
LaShell Lundskow
owner, maker, designer, curator, I am a lover of sari's and sari ribbon. I import from india and I also like to dye up my own colors.
I started out with loving saris when I once married a man from Pakistan. I traveled to Pakistan, India and Africa. I started out wanting to sell sari ribbon so that my supply to create would be free of charge and from there I went like crazy!

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