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Silk Sari Ribbon is a medium of delight and inspiration to work with! You develop an eye that gives you inspiration to create with silk sari ribbon in all kinds of mediums! The color for 2015 is Marsala, it's a reddish brown / Cherry Chocolate / or Mauve.. Not sure you like that color?, think again, the colors it goes with is huge. It goes with Lilac, blues, coral, pinks, orchid, greys, Apricot and lots of shades of green. Coming up, Marsala, Celery, Peach Blush, Pink Orchid and other surprise colors. I will be dying Marsala On the morning of March 7th.

Brick and Mortar shop is at 641 S Roselle Rd, Schaumburg Illinois! Are you near by, come visit Tue -Fri 3:30pm-7:30pm, Saturdays 12:00pm to 5:00pm. If you live near by and want to learn to create shrugs, work with sari ribbon, knit, crochet and upcycle send me a convo a teaching class is available

THE TYPE OF DYE I USE::Acid Dyes are considered low impact because when used in the correct proportion to the weight of fabric or fiber being dyed, almost all the dye is taken up by the fabric or fiber. This is called exhausting the dye bath. Since the water is almost free of dye it can be safely disposed of or even reused with a totally different shade of dye. This is the dye that I use so that I do no impact to mother nature and also safer for me to handle and safer for you.

I use a Verilux Wand that kills silk mites, dust mites, bacteria causing mold in silk sari ribbon that comes from overseas. This gives you clean ribbon to work with. If you don't know what a Verilux Wand is you can find it on Youtube. My ribbons are kept in a controlled dehumidifying room and under special lighting.

I OFFER BULK DISCOUNTS ON SILK SARI RIBBON AS FOLLOWS, first is the coupon code then comes the percentage off and then you will see the dollar amount the coupon code goes to

ICREATE10-------10% PURCHASE AMOUNT $14.00
ICREATE15-------15% PURCHASE AMOUNT $42.00
ICREATE20-------20% PURCHASE AMOUNT $70.00
ICREATE25-------25% PURCHASE AMOUNT $98.00
ICREATE27-------27% PURCHASE AMOUNT $126.00

Welcome, come into my shop and be inspired! I am a TAFA member!

Why shop with me?, well, I want you to see each item individually with a beautiful photo and true color and pick the one you want, as if you were actually standing in my brick and mortar store looking at it. I unroll each skein of silk sari ribbon so that you can see the beautiful colors and texture. By unrolling each skein I also can see anything that may not meet my approval and take it out. My multi colored silk sari ribbon is soaked in a wash and the colors melt into a gorgeous inspiration of unbelievable melted colors and softness.

Please understand that I work a full time job and I do Etsy after that, from Tuesday to Sunday I am available. I can see convo's at my work on my ipad on Monday and will answer but I take 1 day off and it's Monday, Most orders start shipping on Tuesday if you purchased on the weekend including friday, Unless you have an urgent need feel free to let me know.

WHEN SHOPPING ONLINE: Everything is about trust, getting to know your seller, Quality workmanship. It's about getting something that you cannot buy in the store and getting a fair price and fair shipping rate. When shopping online you want to feel this trust with the sellers shop that if for any reason a mistake is made or something happens to your item that your seller will see to it they take good care of you. It is about honest heart and sincere customer service. I am here to provide this trust to you with all my sincere heart, it is who I am as a person. Thank you for stopping in and browsing and if you purchase know that I will take care of you.

I am also ForeverSari on a buying account on Etsy

I am not responsible for custom fee's, please look into your country for that information before you buy, thank you so much.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.