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Adi Shimonov Artistic Statement
My name is Adi Shimonov. I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. I am 36 years old and am married with 6 beautiful children.
At various points in my life, I was involved in several areas of the arts such as painting, writing and playing music. At a certain point, I decided to dedicate myself to my passion of jewelry and transform it from an enjoyable hobby to a professional business.
I am a graduate of the "Studio School of the Arts” in Petach Tikva, Israel, where I studied jewelry design.
I am fascinated by jewelry and its symbolism. It is an expression of who we are. My jewelry comes from of a collaborative effort between me, my client and nature. My client shares with me what she/he wants and what it means to them. In turn, I then use the earth’s mystical materials to translate these ideas into a handmade, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. It becomes a tangible and original adornment of self-expression, both mine and my clients.
One of the unique features of my work is the contrast of using the textures gold and silver as an organic and more jagged setting to house brilliant precious stones crafted, cut an polished with maximum precision – beauty shining from within a seemingly contradictory exterior. I believe this is an inspiring manifestion of the gentle splendor and raw essence of the world.
I work with pure silver and gold as well as a variety of exquisite precious stones.
I am inviting you to create a magical experience through life and art.
Adi Shimonov