dixielarue's Shop Announcement

Hello! Welcome to my shop! So delighted you dropped in!

From my lair* here in midtown Manhattan, I sell fabulous, soulful things for fabulous, soulful people -- all at bargain prices!

There's antique art, vintage clothing, cool collectibles, movie memorabilia, girlie kitsch, kitschy kitschy, portrait paintings, fantastic femorabilia, unique objets de cute -- we've got it all!

I'd love to hear about you and what you like and what you're looking for, and how I might be able to help you find that perfect gift, some vital vintage vixenry, or a perfect personal pick-me-up.(I know, I've got a problem with alliteration. I need help.)

Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions.


P.S. Here's a link to said lair. You can see, I have a LOT of stuff.