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D.K.F.DESIGN offers hand-crafted pottery & bags imbued with the heart and soul of one who loves to create special pieces for everyday use. Each piece that I create is a unique item, whether thrown on the wheel, hand-built, sewn or hand-painted....each piece is one of kind. Surrounding yourself with items made with creativity, warmth and a bit of soul can have the power to change your home, your meals and your routine activities into something special.

The birth of my sea turtle totem:

I took my family to Maui some years ago for a lovely vacation. We spent most of our time snorkeling and body-surfing. Our favorite beach, Po'olenalena, encompassed a series of craggy rock formations, teeming with marine life that attracted a multitude of sea turtles of all sizes, colors and patterns. My daily snorkeling excursions included many close encounters with these beautiful creatures, as they accompanied me along my explorations, often swimming up directly underneath me, inviting contact as I paddled along the surface of the water. I was continuously overwhelmed by their quiet power and beauty and felt blessed to interact with them.

When I returned from our vacation, I was inspired to develop a sea turtle silhouette image that I could utilize in the creation of my work, to celebrate my love of these beautiful creatures.

The Indomitable Turtle Totem possesses the following virtues:

Independence, exploration, travel by sea, deeper consciousness, steady energy, joy with present circumstances, self-protection, inner wisdom, strength, steady and long-lasting progress, longevity, patience, the secrets of life, Heaven and Earth.

I have decided to add the power of my totem to each piece I create from this day forward. I invite you to empower these virtues to your life with creations from D.K.F. DESIGN.

Custom orders are welcome. Just send me a note describing what you are looking for. Or take a look through the "sold items". If you see something you like, I would be happy to recreate it for you.

Live in the Buffalo area? Contact me directly or visit me on Facebook to see pictures of past and current offerings.

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Thanks so much for visiting my shop! Please come again and often!

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