Dolan Geiman Mixed Media Artist

I was trained by my mother, a professional watercolor artist, with a little formal education thrown in, too.
I live on the road, traveling from show to show across the US, hiking, bird watching, gathering materials along the way
I have always been made of dirt and rusty nails, have always collected the broken bottles and roadside detritus.
Growing up in the country, I developed an affinity for the discarded.
From wood to metal, no material is safe from me!

Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent

“I grew up on a farm, caught crickets and bailed hay, painted with mud, dug up civil war relics, listened to midnight mockingbirds. These are the ingredients of life that have stuck with me and have built the foundation for the artwork I set forth into the world.”

Dolan Geiman is a nationally recognized mixed media artist known for nostalgic, multilayered artworks inspired by vintage Americana and nature’s untamed wilderness. Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Dolan Geiman’s formative years were defined by outdoor adventures in his bucolic surroundings. Twenty-plus years later the flora and fauna, found curiosities, and fading Appalachian culture still define Geiman’s contemporary-folk creations. Trained by his mother, a watercolor artist, and father, a storyteller, teacher, and serviceman for the USDA Forest Service, Geiman’s mediums span painting, collage, printmaking, drawing, sculpture and assemblage. Together, Geiman’s expansive mixed media portfolio celebrates the folklore and discard materials of the rugged American landscape.

Geiman has been featured in media outlets ranging from American Craft to Cowboys & Indians with a resume that includes such companies as Fossil, Anthropologie, Pendleton, YouTube/Google, and the Omni Nashville Hotel.

Geiman, along with wife and business-partner Ali Marie, are recent transplants from Chicago to Denver, Colorado.

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Dolan Geiman
owner, Artist
For the past 15 years, I've worked full-time as an artist, traveling the country to do art fairs & scavenge for materials. Whenever possible, I head out into nature with my birding binoculars and fly rod, just in case.
Ali Marie Geiman
owner, Marketing & Operations