dongli's Shop Announcement

Hello everyone!
Welcome to this shop!many beautiful clothes for you!
All the item in the shop,are my own design,and I make it by myself.

The past year was an extraordinary year, but also a very tough year. We are struggling to support the shop, only to those friends who love our clothes , I hope more people can enjoy our work! !
Because some unexpected events, so we have a limited time to delay the delivery time, we can see our rating, because many customers are waiting too long time, so even if the clothes are very satisfied, or give the bad feedback: (
we understand that, while we deal with the problem at home, while for everyone to do day and night clothes, although you give negative feedback, but we still thank you for choosing us, recognized our work! Thank you!
Most importantly, from now on, we will be on time delivery, all the clothes, in stock, shipping within 24 hours, not in stock, 7-10 days delivery. About Express, this year selected a new partner is generally 7-10 days to all parts of the world, if you need faster delivery, you only need to contact plus freight, we will try to do for you.