dongli's Shop Announcement

Before placing order, we hope you can carefully read the following passage, to help you better understand us, trust us!
Today's mood is very complex, because again receive a bad review, framed by a malicious and malicious attacks. From a user named "Renee Poussaint" of the "buyer", buyers are quotes, because he is not really a buyer, is likely to be a seller, a like our shop, selling clothes sellers, of course this is just our guess, however, we are according to!
The users in Jul 29, 2015 to buy a dress, no communication, we make the dress, after several times communication with him, send messages,asked for him phone number, because if there is no phone number, the post office staff is refused to send to any country! But he has not been any reply!
That is to say, by the end of Sep 15, 2015 (today) ,we are still waiting for his reply, no phone calls, we have no way to send the dress to him!He didn't receive the dress!!!!!

But in an hour ago, the customer Gave us a bad review: the stars "Top part of dress, including armholes, extremely small.No way to know ahead of time. Their sizing is off Could not use dress. Gave it to charity.."
It's a joke!!!! I am very depressed to my studio, see that dress is still on a hanger now, a note reads: ready to ship, but still waiting for the buyers phone number......
We run this shop almost 4 years,Every piece of clothing, poured all of our efforts and hope, every piece of clothing is our love and blessings to buyers, no matter how, we hope our efforts can bring buyers satisfied, hope our design can bring you joy and beauty!

At the same time, we hope that colleagues can take legal means of competition, slander others, eventually will only destroy yourself, hope you can turn over a new leaf, bless you, hope you can do an honest person!

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