donmadden's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my shop, please if you have a question about anything just ask.

My jewelry is a mix of what I like to wear and Native American jewelry art. Most of the stones and gems in my jewelry I dig for and cut myself. I would say my favorite stone to dig for and cut is Opals. I have opals from Nevada,Idaho,Oregon and of coarse Australia.

My photography is a glimpse into who I am. I do a lot of experimenting with old photography techniques. To get the look I want I will go to great lengths, such as building a camera to get the look I want, or drive 1000 miles to a location I think will give me that perfect shot.

I love the challenge of custom work. So if you want a one of a kind piece of jewelry or a custom portrait with my experimental photography contact me and lets talk.

Again thank you for visiting my shop and have a GREAT day!