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Cloth Napkins by Dot and Army

Dot and Army is a company based in coastal Georgia that is obsessed with cloth napkins. Jennifer, the owner, believes in keeping everything sewn in the United States, never outsourcing our sewing. Whether it is for everyday use, special occasions, or a themed dinner, cloth napkins add a pop of color and warmth to every shared meal. Vintage and new fabrics are handpicked for each customer, coming from a range of estate sales, thrift stores, and online fabric shops.

Jennifer has been sewing since the age of eight, and hasn't stopped. Her family has been using only cloth napkins and "un-paper" towels for over four years.

But you still might be asking, who is Dot and Army? Dot and Army are Jennifer's maternal grandparents who constantly set the bar high on kindness, generosity and service.

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What started as a family decision to stop using paper napkins six years ago, sewing cloth napkins has since turned into a full time job. We make cloth napkins for everyday meals & special events. All of our cloth napkins are cut & sewn in Georgia.

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