draconoskirojin's Shop Announcement

Hello and what a wonderful day to see you. Welcome to Draconos's Wonders.... come on in! Draco here... this is a joint shoppe shared between my mother (Lalee) and I. I'm a bit of a computer junkie so I'll be the one manning the front.

All of our products are made in a smoke free environment. I do own a feline though who's a friendly chap that enjoys hugs.

If there is something you want that we don't have or something you'd like in a different color please let us know. Custom orders are surely welcome (see policy for details). We both enjoy being creative and love to come up with new items so feel free to check back often.

***10% of all profits are donated to charities, because even if we can only give a little, it means a lot to someone or somefur who needs it. Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We hope you like our work and thank you. Please come again.

*Now announcing promotional tools by Draco.

Need a banner? Avatar? Logo? Or business card design? I'm am a graphic designer and have a degree in illustration.

I will make custom promotional tools (digital files) on request. See policies for details on how to get your very own package.

draconoskirojin's Shop Policies


Hello, Draco here from Draconos's Wonders. This site is shared between my mother (Lalee) and I, though I'm the computer junkie so I'll be the one checking and updating (which is why we are under my code name "draconoskirojin"). We hope you like our work.
In this present day society and economy... every little bit counts in the life.

But why gripe and grumble when you can take things that you like to do and are good at and make something off of it?

Oooo... and double bonus... when you can get smiles from happy costumers? It's the cute and fun things that bring out smiles... the creative and the adorable. We can bring smiles to people that enjoy our products... maybe brighten up there day with little bundles of cuteness awaiting for them in the mail.

We'll make anything and everything... as far as our imaginations will take us so please check back often.... everything from blankets and purses... to cell/ipod cases even puppets and ornaments. The world's the limit.


Paypal please.


Item ships from: United States

ship to: (shipping cost includes box and packaging)
• United States: $5.00 ($0.00 if shipped with another item)
• Canada: $8.00 ($0.00 if shipped with another item)
• Everywhere Else: $15.00 ($0.00 if shipped with another item)

Refunds and Exchanges

10 day return policy. Say if the case doesn't fit your model... if you pay for returning postage we will refund your money within a 10 day limit. Please return in condition in which it was sent to you... NO DAMAGES ACCEPTED. *you break it you buy it* But your satisfaction is important to us.

Additional Policies and FAQs

*If there is something you like but want different... say like a wolf cell phone case rather than a panda... and there isn't one in stock... don't be afraid to ask.

**If there's something you want customs to fit your style of phone... again not a problem.

*** If you like something and want it in a different color... again don't be afraid to ask.

**** Say there's stripes on a blanket and you don't want stripes... ask away.

10% of all profits are donated to charities, because even if we can only give a little, it means a lot to someone or somefur who needs it.

*** In need of a spark... Now announcing... Draco's Promotional Packages

I am a designer so note I do not print items (directed at business cards). I am merely the designer... which designing IS THE REAL labor. Your appearance is what will sell you... it is your foot forward. It tells people about who you are and brings it to a more personal level.

The Draconos Promotional Package (1 banner, 2 avatar, 2 logo: one color one b/w, business card design, and thank you): $50
(you save $15 dollars when buying the package rather than ala carte)

Ala Carte:

Avatars (75p x 75p): $5
Banners (760p x 100p): $10
Logos (one color and one b/w vector for rubber stamps) (8''x8'' 300 dpi for printing and a 72 dpi for screen viewing): $20
"Business Card Design" and "thank you" (300 dpi and scaled for print using as well as a 72 dpi for screen view): $25

Last Updated February 3, 2011