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The loveliest homes are replete with some sort of window treatments. While custom treatments can be a significant expense, there is nothing you can buy ready-made that even comes close. Curtains control light, soften corners, hide poor architecture, quiet echoes, and create a human scale in high-ceiling rooms. They also add pattern and color – in our business, we believe that not having curtains is wasting an opportunity for colorful excitement, or for a soothing cocoon of calm. You could spend a fortune on accessories and not have nearly the impact of finely made window treatments and a pretty paint color.
Drapes On A Dime is a custom window treatment and home decor expert based in Atlanta. Full service window treatments, drapery, cornices, bedding, shutters and blinds, shades, upholstery and more! please call 770-905-7141 and visit my website for pictures and information. Become a fan of my facebook page for more current projects and daily decorating tips!