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We typically ship on fridays.

We don’t take customs at this time, sorry!


Last updated on Aug 10, 2018

Current Status: —-

We typically ship on fridays.

We don’t take customs at this time, sorry!


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Behind The Empire

Hey everyone! We're a LGBTQA+ pair of partners and, more importantly, nonstop artists to the core. Seeing other companies and individuals have fun with mixing color and techniques deeply inspired us, first to be hardcore toy collectors and then to make toys ourselves. This process is complicated so we're always learning and improving, and finding new ideas to pour!

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Last updated on Jul 30, 2018
Frequently asked questions
Will you make a custom toy for me?

For now, we do not have customs in mind. In the future, we may have 'directed surprise colors', but do not have a date in mind for when this might happen. So, in short: Not at this time. We have anxiety. Sorry!

Okay, but will you design a custom model?

Sorry, we can't do that! Designing a new product from sketch to measurement design to modelling, printing, finishing and molding is a truly arduous task and doing all that for our own models is hard enough. Also, legalities of profiting off your design if we sold toys to other people. :(

Do you have a list of all models and sizes somewhere?

Yes, on our website! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

What are these other animal things?

Sometimes we'll sell or include little silicone critters with an order. They are made from extra silicone but they are NOT intended for internal use whatsoever! They're just cute. Feel free to squeeze them to relieve stress, throw them (gently!?) at friends, or decorate your shelves. Or something.
They often have little issues like bubbles or extra film, and might tear easily.

What do these firmness notes mean? Soft, medium, hard??

Soft: This is VERY soft, bendy silicone. If you are trying to stretch your limits but are intimidated by the heavy textures/folds/details on a toy, soft may be what you're after. Gentle.

Medium: The standard middle of the road. Medium is a little closer to gripping a muscle, still forgiving but holds it's form pretty well.

Firm: Closer to many big box companies, like touching a gunshow, and tricky to work with. We almost never offer this because it’s hard to work with in Texas Summer Heat, and definitely not for larger toys due to possible mold damage.

How do these toys get from you to me?

After molding a new toy, we thoroughly wash it and inspect it for any specs of dust like monkeys picking at each other. Then it gets bagged and heat-sealed to seal in the freshness, lovingly boxed in a nondescript brown box, and sent in your general direction.

How do I care for my new toy?

After you open the box and pull the toy out of it's bag:

PLEASE wash your toy before any use. This should include boiling the toy, and washing it with a body safe gentle soap of your choosing. When boiling, be careful that you don't let the toy touch metal (like sides of a pot) as this might hurt the toy. Pat dry before storing.

DON'T use any silicone based lube. Water based only! We like Sliquid.

DON'T store with other brand toys, unless you are super absolutely sure they are 100% platinum cure silicone. Anything else can make both toys melt! Yikes!

DO have fun with squeezing, bending and vigorous use. Don't go overboard seeing how far you can stretch a soft before it rips, but during normal use these toys are pretty sturdy!

There's a problem with my order!

Please contact us as soon as possible, and be prepared to provide clear photos of the situation as needed! We will do our best to accommodate anything that went wrong.

If you have flat out received the wrong item you did not order, do not open the plastic bag and let us know ASAP!

If this is your toy but you see something direly wrong, let us know! We try to describe every nook and cranny of toys going out to people, but sometimes things get past us.

Can I buy your molds? How did you make a certain color/style?

Sorry, but we don't sell molds! These pieces are our designs and not intended for mass production from other creators. Thank you!

We also have spent a very long time, like madmen, staring at bizarre gadgets online and running experiments trying to get some of the color mixes and 'markings' we make available. However, there are a ton of tutorials on Smooth On's website, where we purchase our silicone. Those are super helpful to getting started!