dreamingtreestudio's Shop Announcement

Overseas costs has jumped to an average of $12-13.00 USD. That is by approximately 200% I am going to have to increase shipping costs in order to stay in business. I may lose overseas clients, but I have to do it. Changes will have to be made! I apologize for this in advance.
Listing is going to be different this year; I have De-activated all listings in order to list items in order of demand. I will list new entries about every day. I hope this will keep my postings visible on the front pages when people come to Etsy's Home Page, and Search Options.

Just because I don't show a particular size/type of eyes, or irises listed, does not mean I do not have it in stock. Ask me! I could have it available.

I hand-cast beautiful, and unique, UV resin, and polyester resin Eyes, and Irises for use in Art Dolls, Ball-and-Joint Dolls, Sculptures, Special Effects, Taxidermy, and Crafts.

I also offer up my own art work, sculpts, and Illustration.

I welcome you to browse my shop, and enjoy what I have to offer.


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.