dsgardenshop's Shop Announcement

“Life is some real serious stuff. So we each retreat to our own sanctuaries to relax, regenerate & replenish our body, mind & soul. I believe Garden Art should be Amusing, Inspirational & Expressive. It should help you smell those roses and compel you to smile. And I believe you should enjoy it for life!”

— Michael Gentilucci
(Artist & co-founder of Designer Stone, Inc.)

Designer Stone has been making high quality cast-stone artwork since 1999. Every piece is hand crafted, sealed for outdoor use and created from start to finish in our studio in San Diego, California. We use the very best materials, add a plethora of strengthening ingredients and are meticulous in our recipe and manufacturing which makes our product the most durable concrete artwork you can purchase for your outdoor living spaces.

We offer three different styles of artwork;

“Treasured Finds" which is traditional garden decor that can fill a landscaping void and fill your heart in the process. These items are commonly referred to as “statuary” which consist of those conventional garden essentials; Containers, Animals, Birdbaths, Stepping Stones and of course, Statues.

“The Gentilucci Collection” are original sculptures by Michael Gentilucci, which have a spiritual reverberating quality; they are typically amusing, expressive and inspirational. It is the type of Garden Art which evokes a glimmering smile, it can remove life’s pressures for a few precious moments and can remind us of who we are and what we live for.

“The Heritage Collection” is artwork that has barely survived the test of time, we saved, recreated and gave another chance. These vintage recreations possess pocks and pitting, are chippy shabby chic, look like they’re pulled right from grandma’s estate but have brand new integrity and they’re absolutely timeless.

When you buy Designer Stone products you support family, small business, artists, sustainability and the USA.

On behalf of the Gentilucci family and designer Stone employees, we thank you for your support.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.