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We’ve changed our name! DYAKCRAFT.
Dyak is the traditional spelling of our last name. In Ukrainian, dyak means cantor. Tom’s father was a cantor and Tom is an incredible singer/songwriter in his own right. He wanted a part of our business name to reflect his heritage. And the Craft part – that’s what we do. From our trendsetting Darn Pretty Needles to our exceptionally valued Cheap Sheep spindles. Quality that you know will be there for you year after year! Celebrating 11 years of producing heirloom quality fiber tools!
From our hands in Vermont to yours across the globe!

About Our Products

We take pride in the manufacture of our fiber art tools. When you hold one of our hooks, needles, or spindles in your hands, you are holding work that we have created with our hands. We put a great deal of love and joy into each item we make as we love doing what we do, but also because we believe that energy will be passed on to our customers. If you don't see what you are looking for please send a note with your special request.
Custom work is accepted with a 2-3 week (sometimes longer) lead time on orders.

We use Vermont wood products to create our work. Our most used tools are our hands. Our hooks, needles, and spindles are buffed and polished to a smooth sheen. Working as we do, by hand and with superior Vermont wood products, eliminates the need for applying finishes that feel like plastic and hide the warmth of the wood.

About Us

Linda has spent a lifetime working with color. She began weaving as a child and has exhibited off and on since the mid seventies. Spinning began in earnest after the boys came along. Linda was looking for a relaxing activity, and at a friend's urging she took up spinning and has been hooked ever since.

Tom was an art exhibitions designer for many years, and served as a consultant to art collectors, corporations, arts organizations and artists. (He's also an excellent massage therapist, incredible guitarist, singer, and songwriter) He began his woodturning career in order to supply Linda with spindle whorls. The rest is history. He brings his artistic eye and sense of design into all he creates, but he remains conscious of the fiber artist's need for comfort in tool design.

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