it's not your typical tiedye

It's not your typical tiedye

Embrace life. Stand out. Be joyful. Wear color.

What a blessing it is to be able to pursue and share my passion for color. Even though I've been dyeing for a while, there is still wonder and magic in every piece - whether I'm pulling the stitches, unwrapping the pipe, simply removing a shirt from its color bath, or the meditation of choosing beads for a Soba - it delights me. There is wonder and magic. And joy.

Each piece is dyed with love and care and attention to detail. It's a special responsibility to create a piece of clothing, something so personal, something so unique... But at the end, each garment I put in my shop has only one job - and that's to make its wearer feel fabulous.

So what about me? I'm Diana of Dye Diana Dye. I live in Atlanta, my studio is my home, and I'm happily married to a brilliant man, who is a mad inventor and exceptional musician.

I love coffee. And chocolate. And handmade soap.

Thank you for visiting.

Curious about Shibori?
Shibori is the ancient Japanese technique of creating resists for dye. I use hand-stitched resists, such as ori-nui (running stitch over folded cloth, for spirals, stems, and other lines and curves), hira-nui (running stitch on a single layer of cloth, for lines), maki-nui (chevron lines), awase-nui (intersecting arcs, for leaves), ne-maki (little circles), maki-age (bound fabric within a shape for flowers), and mokume-nui (parallel rows of running stitch, for wood grain like striations).

Caring for your Hand-Dyed Garment
All garments are dyed with Procion MX dyes. Color is chemically bonded with the fibers in the garment and will not wash out or fade. Simply wash and dry, no special care is necessary. If your garment is embellished with beads, wash it inside out (but I'll send you extra beads, just in case!)

Have a question? Want something special?
Please convo me if you have any questions, or would something in a different size or colors than the one shown. I love custom orders!

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Diana Hughes
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