dyeingforcolour's Shop Announcement

~~ WHAT'S NEW? ~~ December 11, 2015)

We will from now on be carrying handspun of all kinds, still with our one-pay price for shipping no matter how much you buy.

BIG NEWS! We are now open for in person shopping, by appointment, and we do take credit cards. Guild or other large groups qualify for a discount,so bring your friends!

New Border Leicester in both rovings and locks, New single colour 2 ounce feltable superfine Merino.

I have gotten another unhappy comment on shipping, so please let me say this. When you receive your package, it will be stuffed, packed, rammed and crammed, even vacuumed down into the smallest possible package. Postal costs are based on dimension as well as weight, and this is one way we keep your mailing costs down.

You asked for it so I made it. Small 1 ounce packets of crimpy shiny Border Leicester locks, carefully washed and hand chosen for the lock integrity. Use for wet or needle felting. Only $3 per package..

Note From Pat regarding locks
Please understand that these locks, both dyed and natural, come from farm animals. They live in barns, they eat hay, they throw feed all over themselves and each other. Often, they spend winters in the barns. I don't own any livestock, I buy all the fibre I sell from farmers. I usually get it in the mail, and I work very hard to get as much veggie out as I can; but I cannot ever, ever get it all. Occasionally I am lucky enough to find covered sheep, but that is rare. A poll I once held here on Etsy was unanimous that everyone wants the lock structure intact as much as possible with their locks, so that is what I do. To get it ALL out I could put it through my industrial Picker that is part of my custom fibre mill, but that is clearly not what people are looking for.
If you cannot tolerate any amount of veggie in your fibre, you probably will not be happy with buying fibre in lock form. Please take this into consideration when ordering.

***** Customers please note *****
I am happy to ship internationally,also.
Welcome to Dyeing for Colour. I work outside the box in terms of colours, and colourways, and hope you enjoy what I make as much as I do. I offer Seawool, Bamboo/Superwash, dyed Merino rovings, loose fibre, sample packs, dyed fleeces (Cotswold, Border Leicester, Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, Mohair); rovings in Bamboo, Soysilk, Tussah Silk, and Firestar.
I have found a new supplier of mohair (angora) and the kid that I have and will continue to get is the absolute best, softest, cleanest quality around.
If you would like to play with one of my more exotic fibres, but you don't have a carder (and don't like hand carders - like myself) it's easy to work it into your project. Spinners; keep your silk, soysilk, bamboo or mohair next to you, and every so often just add a tiny touch, just a few fibres, to your main colour as it goes on the wheel. Keep it varied, and it gives a beautiful touch of shine and interest, using very little fibre and with no preparation. Felters and needlefelters; add several thin layers of feltable fibre and silky fibres on top of one another, then pull them apart between your hands, lay one on top of the other, do it again. Think of shuffling cards. Felt as usual. It works by allowing the wool fibres to grab each other around the non-feltable, and keep them in place.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.