earthdrummer's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my store, RavenFire Sacred Objects!

This store is really about stones! I love stones! I've been collecting stones since I was a child. My favorite place in the world is the shore of Lake Superior where there are oodles and oodles of stones. Lake Superior holds my heart and its waters have always been very sacred and healing for me.

I'm offering to you gemstone eye and chakra healing pillows. Eye pillows are so wonderful for relaxing and opening to the energies of the stones. All of our healing pillows have gemstone chips plus lavender flowers, organic flax seed and in some cases rose petals. The pillows are designed to be used specifically for certain issues: Chakra balancing (pillows for 1st through 7th chakras), to enhance shamanic journeying (leopardskin jasper), sleep well (howlite), hormone balance (moonstone and laboradorite), finding love/soulmate (rhodochrosite and rose petals), psychic protection (amethyst, rutilated quartz and hematite), Joy! (sunstone and kunzite), wealth/abundance (moss agate), healing for the healer (prehnite), migraine relief (rhodochrosite and Lapis lazuli), Loving yourself (pink opal), and Earth changes/Ascension Process (laboradorite). There are round pillows to be placed on the first through 7th chakras (energy centers in the body)to address the issues of each of the chakras. (1st--base of the spine--connection to earth, survival 2nd--navel--relationships, sexuality, creativity, what you give birth to, 3rd--solar plexus--self-esteem, self-confidence, personal power, and 4th--the heart-- all issues of the heart including self love--5th--throat--communication, personal will, integrity--6th--intuition, inner vision, 7th--divine connection, oneness.)

And the pillows in the eye pillow shape (rectangular) are Earth energy changes/Ascension Process , Shamanic Journeying/DNA Activation, Sleep Well and Migraine relief. All other pillows are round and are to be placed on the chakras.. I sell the chakra pillows as a set at a discount.

All gemstone pillows are charged beneath a copper pyramid and infused with the Reiki universal life force energy. (I am a Reiki Master/Teacherand a Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher in addition to a Shamanic Practitioner).

Gemstones are wonderful healers for the body,mind and spirit, promoting energetic healing. I invite you to look through my offerings and please email me if you have any questions. earthdrummer [!at]

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.