earthslings' Shop Announcement


Thank for visiting my store.

I am a homeschooling mother handcrafting Earth-friendly items for Mums and children from my studio in Sydney, Australia. My products are machine stitched and finished by hand. Wherever possible I use natural fibers and upcycled materials.

Regarding my interest in upcycled products: The energy that goes into making fabric is massive and a lot of wonderful material with much life still left in it ends up in landfill. My intention is to reduce that impact by harvesting useable fabric from discarded garments and transforming it into something useful or desirable and often more beautiful than the original item. Friends offer me unwanted, barely used or slightly damaged clothing for this purpose. I also enjoy scouring markets and Op shops hunting down interesting, good quality materials that with a bit of creative thinking can have a new life as something fresh. In a process akin to fabric alchemy I am transmuting today's trash into tomorrows treasure.

One of my upcycled rag dolls is currently being displayed in an exhibit entitled "Upcylced" at the Power House Museum in Sydney.