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Handcrafted, high quality all naturally sourced jewelry

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The earth and all of its bountiful treasures
Earth Stone Jewelry·Monday, November 18, 2019·
Something I hear from customers all the time, “Where do you get your stones?” The answer is easy, as I get them from multiple dealers. But what they really want to know is where the stones come from. Many times people don’t understand how far some of these gems have traveled, or the conditions that created them. Lava stone is real lava from a real volcano that erupted somewhere in the world! And now you’re adorning your wrist with these little creations. The stones are porous because the lava cools and crystallizes leaving the tiny holes you see. Lava stone are often used to hold the scent of essential oils, due to their porosity.
There is also quartz, amethyst, carnelian, sardonyx, aventure, aquamarine, citrine, labradorite, chrysoprase, garnet, so many jaspers, and a multitude of other gems I use. All of these were mined from somewhere in the world. Many of them can be found in America. And many can be found in South America or European countries. However, some stones are indigenous to a single area and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Larimar is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. Baltic amber (which isn’t a stone at all, but fossilized tree resin) comes from amber from the Baltic Sea region, which includes coastal areas along Poland. Botswana agate is exclusively found in Botswana, Africa. Many gemstones that everyone is familiar with, such as ruby, emerald, and topaz can actually be found in many locations throughout the world.
So what makes your piece of jewelry special? The stones were mined, cut, polished, drilled and finally make their way to me. I not only examine my gemstones, I test them. Did you know how to test real turquoise or that turquoise from certain locations have certain characteristics and coloring? Did you also know that most “turquoise” on the market isn’t turquoise at all, but dyed howlite. The grooves aren’t as deep (run your thumbnail along the webbing) , the color isn’t as natural, and the color won’t come off with an acetone test. A quick test is to look inside a drilled hole or break off a piece; howlite will be white inside. Did you also know amber is soft, warm, lightweight and may have a slight smell when rubbed? Resin is softer and warmer than stone (or hard plastic). It will also have inclusions (little things trapped in the resin when it was still liquid). The best test if you’re still unsure is a salt-water test. Add a generous amount of salt to some warm water and put your amber in. If it floats, it’s all natural. I source my amber from a certified dealer and have it shipped all the way from Poland each time I make a purchase. Just to ensure my jewelry is exactly how I represent it.
I also cleanse all of my stones. For those of you that may be new or fairly new to crystal healing, this means cleansing all the energy the stone may have absorbed from another time, another place, or other people. It could be grief, pain, anger or other emotions absorbed by the stones. In order to clean the energy from the stones, there are several processes that can be utilized. Assuming it is safe for the stone and they aren’t heat sensitive, my preferred method is a day of sunlight. You can also use soaking in natural water from a stream or ocean, a day of moonlight, or saging. Most importantly, the materials that I use have been rid of any energy before the jewelry making process.
I make sure all of my materials are authentic and natural and are of the best quality around. I may receive 30 pieces of a gemstone and only use 20. Or 10. Or none at all because they don’t meet my expectations. If it’s warped or badly colored, chipped, cracked, or just unappealing, it won’t make the final product. If my tie is too tight or too loose I’ll it tear it down and start over. I’m not in business just to turn a profit. I’m in business because I love what I do and what I create.
When customers ask which stone is for...I always tell them not to pick the stones, but to let the stones pick you. Typically if you are drawn to a certain bracelet or necklace, it’s because the energy it carries is exactly what you need at that time. And the healing properties of any stone are worthless if not worn. So find what you love and enjoy the natural beauty and healing powers it brings.

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