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If you are new to Etsy, here is a place that will help you get your first purchase up and going...

Erratta for Green Brim Crochet hat:
the toddler size stops at the 33 sc and then you crochet till the hat measures 6 inches and then you do the brim. As far as the toddler it ends where the pattern ends or 7 inches tall. The adult hat should end at about 9 inches. The gauge for the pattern is 2 and 1/2 sts per inch.

Thanks Diane for pointing it out !

Since I was little I have loved to craft... from paper to fiber to food to whatever else I can find to transform with creativity. I have been searching for an outlet for my creativity and found a home at etsy. Here you can find how to enhance your own creativity or enjoy items made for you. Come in ... enjoy and explore all there is to see hear at East End Home Arts.
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