ecohound's Shop Announcement

Eco-Hound is a brand spankin' new site that brings you an all-in-one destination for earth friendly pet product information and shopping! &
Pretty Pee Pads by Eco-Hound was the brainchild of Kimberly Hall, Owner of The Haute Hound Pet Boutique. You can check out her new site at:

Her Italian Greyhounds go potty on piddle pads and she was tired of spending money on paper pads. She wanted a product that was both environmentally friendly and economical. Plus, she wanted it to look nice in her house and couldn't find anything out there on the market. Kimberly decided to fill this much-needed niche and spends her free time continuing to develop Eco-Hound, her line of environmentally friendly pet products.

Our washable piddle pads are eco-friendly and super cute, to boot! Machine Washable, gentle cycle. Use an eco-friendly detergent. You can also add a small amount of baking soda to machine. Line Dry or air fluff in dryer. NO HEAT! More fabric choices available: just visit We've been making our pee pads for 7 years now and they are Made in the USA.