ecollageArt's Shop Announcement

We're making changes. If you know our work and need something, drop us a line...even if you don't see it.

I like to think that our paper ART is not just WHAT they are, but what they can also BE. In other words, Ecollage® Art is simply ART, in miniature. Then again, sometimes it is WEARable.

Ecollage® came about as kind of a happy accident. I was seriously injured on-the-job which led to a number of disabilities. I discovered art a pleasing way to cope with the ongoing challenges I now face. It seems I am always striving for access in the world, so one thing I can control is what I do. Hence, I try to make art accessible, by making it affordable for anyone to collect or to share with others.

Our shop is set up a little differently than most on Etsy and here is how.

WITH RESPECT TO THE FULL SIZED CARDS FIRST< PLEASE> We want you to be able to have ANY card on ANY page instead of me MAKING up my mind for you. Isn't THAT a novel concept?!?

So, we've TRIED to use space on EVERY page to SHOW you more options. Did you know you may click on any THUMBNAIL image to ENLARGE its detail? Let's say you like the 2nd & 4th card on any given page.

NEXT, You may try to add a card that is NOT the primary image ON a page and get frustrated it may not work for you. So you may say,
"What the @*%)&*^$@?!??????"

No can do.
_____________________Please don't give up_____________________

Just look things over, decide what you want and proceed with the transaction. Then contact me and tell us the title or titles you want & I'll take care of the rest.
I'll verify it's what you want so there will be NO mistake.

* IF you wish for a single card *1 (use any page with singles). JUST tell us the title, or a description of the one you like...

* IF you want MULTIPLES- visit a MULTIPLES page with the number (#) you wish.

* IF you want a number in between no worries. We can even do that! We like to think we are clever. I know my dog is, I just try and follow her lead.

We just want you to enjoy them and pick what you want. It should be FUN and I promise you you won't be disappointed. We do commissions too- if you want us to create an ecollage® with your loved ones in it, visit the Alchemy page and we'll talk about it.

I'm sorry that you do need to tell us what you want, BUT this way we give you more options. We think that's a good thing.

"PAW"haps you've noticed we have added other idle hands options, in the form of WEARABLE ART?! Some to dazzle yourself and others, in the form of JEWELRY- adorn thyself and make your own magic happen! I also do some work in precious and semi-precious faceted gems.. if you have a preference, just convo us.
Presently, Mirra and I were thinking we'd begin with some simple pieces.

Because of nerve damage there are less options in these wearable art pieces right now. We will see what the future will hold.

We have begun to concentrate more on the FIBER ARTS!

Baby, it's COLD outside... Well, at least it is sometimes.
if it is here, then it LIKELY is where you are.. From baby mittens to glorious hand-knit & BETTER than cashmere, organic and natural color ALPACA may suit your fancy..
So, mitts, hats, bags, cowls & sweaters for now.. Likely specialty 'socks' and shawls, and even some baby blankets to come... We try and find some items that are a good price point for gifts, but I also know that MUCH of the materials I MUST use due to my disabilities IS high end fiber, and it is not inexpensive. I do my best to pass along what savings I can, but when you begin with organic fibers, you are often making a luxury investment.

If you wish a special something, do let us know, PAWlease, and being DOG folks, I suspect I may annoy someone out there with my references to PAWsing here and there FUR a play on words, but I simply can't help myself.

I took "all city spelling at age 10 in Chicago" so honestly, I can spell with the best of them. After escaping the nuns (did I say Huns?) it's almost lucky that capitalization and punctuation even cross my mind. So, what we have here is in the form of self-entertainment, and we hope that you are entertained too.

SO with love & woof,
m, m & angel m

Yet, as usual, I digress.

Still NEED more help?

Just drop us a line.

It's kind of like fishing. We're here just waiting for a bite... or would that technically be a byte? JUST Have a Good Day and drop by again because we'll continue to add more things if things go well that is. FUR all, our wish is FUR good health and good cheer.