edensong's Shop Announcement

Check us out at and ●✿●●✿●●✿●Gifted on The Wendy Williams Show●✿●Celebrity Earth Day Gifting●✿●Cannes Festival, Emmy Awards and Oscars Gift Lounges with GBK and The Artisan Group●✿●100% Edible Organic Skin Care ●✿●FREE U.S. SHIPPING●✿●

Our ingredients are:
100% natural and organic antimicrobial and antioxidants
100% recyclable packaging or from recyclable materials
100% multi-faceted botanical preservative system
100% filler-free, highly concentrated products
100% phthalate-free, glycol-free and dye-free
100% lanolin-free, soy-free and palm-free
100% eco-friendly, sustainable resources
100% food for your skin from head to toe
100% petroleum-free and paraben-free
100% talc-free and cornstarch-free
100% fair trade, ethical resources
100% sodium laureth sulfate-free
100% sodium lauryl sulfate-free
100% synthetic chemical-free
100% active-rich ingredients
100% hydrogenated oil-free
100% in-house formulation
100% biodegradable
100% silicone-free
100% gluten-free
100% cruelty-free
100% edible