edmarion's Shop Announcement

My shop accepts Etsy gift cards.

Buy ANY painting from my Etsy shop and receive a unique collector code to save 25% off ALL your future purchases from my Etsy shop. How does this work? Simply. Purchase any painting and upon your purchase I will e-mail you a unique collector code that you may use for ALL your future purchases at my Etsy shop.

* this program rewards those who have actually collected my work
* you save big bucks on future expensive purchases

So, Ed, let me get this straight. Can I purchase a $60 painting, get my discount code, and then receive 25% off my more expensive future purchases? In a word, yes. You’re basically getting free art + discounts if you invest in me.

I am a painter, living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My goal is to share my passion, performance and talent with as many collectors as possible via the paintings I make by hand, so that they delight and inspire you in the same way they did me when I first made them.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.