ekkotre's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the digital workshop where i fund everything ekkotre! (facebook - ekkotre) Every time you buy an ekkotre creation, your purchase goes straight towards making fun and useful things for more intelligent living! Along with these super responsible paper creations (no shipping/no box-store/no waste), projects to date include: The hundred year composting bin, my super efficient tiny houses, boats made from entirely organic renewables, the 'evie' (my earth-first trailer home) and much much more.
Next on the list: ELECTRICITY! As soon as i get sufficient funding, my next project is to build a SUPER QUIET, MULTI-FUEL (alcohol/hydrogen/biodiesel) DC generator for off the gridders and other super conscientious people. I may seek funding though kickstarter at some point but, in the meantime, all of the projects funding needs to come from ekkotre sales. Thanks for looking, lend a hand if you can and, i’ll make you clean, renewable power as fast as i can!