Jewelry handmade with love and cleansed in full moon.

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Jewelry handmade with love and cleansed in full moon.

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Follow me on Instagram @elementalearthmagick for a more personal touch.


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I make, cleanse, and empower Magick jewelry.

My name is Emily and I'm the sole person behind Elemental Earth Magick. Everything is handmade, packaged, and shipped by me. Come follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see a more of a behind the scenes kind of atmosphere.
Instagram: @elementalearthmagick

Facebook: facebook.com/elementalearthmagick

Magick is in everything. It's in the very air we breath, the water in which we drink and bath, our very own blood, the sun and moon, the hands we use to create, the crystals we use to heal... Everything. It binds us to Mother Earth as she binds herself to us. We are one and as one we shall for eternity be.
Ever since I can remember I've known in the back of my subconscious that magick is Mother Earth's energy, her love. And ever since I have existed I've been in love with nature, with Mother Earth. She's pure magick. I've always desired to know her secrets, strength, and energy. I've collected her rocks, crystals, stones, leaves, animal bones, etc. ever since I was a little child. I knew they hold power. Knowing now that a lot of her secrets, strength and energy are stored within her beautiful trinkets has opened up a lot of opportunity and potential within myself. I am who I am because of Mother Nature. The best way I know how to share what I've learned is through making and selling natural jewelry. I want those who are interested in knowing Mother Earth's secrets, strength and energy to learn what they can from me. Which will exponentially grow with each person I learn from. I'm sure I have lots to learn from you as well.
Everything I make is cleansed and charged with pure white light in either the new or full moon and then smudged with mountain or sacred white sage literally right before it is packaged for mailing. I try to use only organic material that is essentially carbon at its core. Plastic will never be incorporated into anything I make. The only plastic you will receive is the bag your item(s) is sent in to keep your piece of art clean and in the shape I sent it to you.

For every antiquated copper piece I use a product called Liver of Sulfur that instantly tarnishes the copper. Once it's been tarnished I use really fine steel wool to polish and buff the antiquated copper to give it a shine. What this process does is one, give the copper an antique look and two, gives the copper, especially when it has been work hardened (hammered to strengthen and design) beautiful contrast. Every copper piece has been handmade.

I'm constantly learning how to do new things. I'm a very creative individual. If you become a long term customer you'll have the opportunity to have a potentially larger range of handmade items to purchase from me. Eventually I plan introducing new items such as artistic photographic prints, hand woven river willow baskets, organic bath bombs, organic candles, 100% natural clothing, etc.
I am a one person owned and operated shop. I am as quick with sending orders out as I possibly can be. I promise to be honest, fair, and loyal to you if you return the same sentiments.

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