elementspottery's Shop Announcement

To all my customers and fans. You may have noticed my shop shrinking and the dearth of new work. I have been undergoing chemotherapy for the past 6 months. My last treatment is this month. I am looking forward to resuming my work in January. I have a lot of ideas and pent up creative energy. Thank you for your support and encoragement.


Ceramic Raku Pendants, Beads, Buttons, and Cabochons.

Hello Etsy friends! I have periodic drawings on my FaceBook (Elements Pottery Duane Collins) fan page... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elements-Pottery-Duane-Collins/104199013007?sk=wall
Thanks, see you there and good luck!!! Duane
***6% sales tax will be applied to residents of Michigan.***

About Raku:
When the kiln reaches 1850 degrees, the red hot pieces are removed from the kiln and placed into a barrel of paper, straw, sawdust which instantly ignites. The barrel is then tightly covered and the work is allowed to smoke for a duration.
Raku is so trans-formative. The glaze looks like copper with green-blue patina highlights as well as many other colors. Truly painted by fire and smoke. The crackles are part of the rustic raku surface and not defective.
Raku is light yet durable. Makes great casual and evening wear accessories. As a design element, there are so many ways to go...it truly is remarkable!

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