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Announcement    Hi there, Thank you for stopping by Elena Grace!
Please feel free to reach out with any questions!
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Last updated on Jul 18, 2022

Hi there, Thank you for stopping by Elena Grace!
Please feel free to reach out with any questions!
Have a great day! :)


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About elenagrace

Sales 2,261
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Livin' my dream...

My current obsession is hammering the life into metal and collecting quotes that make me laugh out loud or give me a huge lump in my throat.
Over the last few years, I have been studying the art of metalsmithing, and I continue to grow more inspired by learning how to turn raw materials into something with shape and meaning. I love creating jewelry that is simple –and is the "go to" piece you want to wear everyday, because it is sentimental, or silly, or holds special memory for you.

I get a kick out of making a cuff with a quote that makes your sister roll her eyes at you, because you gave her a gift that says she is the "worlds okayest sister," or a necklace that let’s you tell your friend know how much you "freaking love her."

I am a forty-something mom, who has been creating handmade jewelry since 2008. I still have a huge crush on my husband and am madly in love with our twin daughters [and, more often than not, our golden retriever pup (when he is not peeing on my leg or chewing up my running socks). Family and friends mean the world to me, and I love making jewelry that reflects how special our loved ones are to us.

Outside of family and jewelry, I am a runner, and I enjoy cooking and baking...(when I'm in the mood.) I also write a blog called elena-grace . http://elena-grace.com. I don't post as often I would like, but if you are in the mood to check it out, please stop by.

You will find fresh new items that may not be in my shop yet on Instagram. Feel free to say hi at instagram.com/elenagracejewelry. thanks. :) If you so see something you like, but it's not in my shop, just let me know you found it on Instagram and I will gladly make it for you! :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little about me and the story behind elenagrace.

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Last updated on April 29, 2022
Thank you for visiting ELENAGRACE!!!
I really and truly love what I do and I love the wonderful people I meet! I am so happy to have a part in so many special occasions...a birth of a baby, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms....you name it!!

I also love being able to be home for my family and still do what I love!! I try to answer e-mails in a timely manner. I am making jewelry and answering your e-mails while my girls are in school but I will be away from my computer during evenings and weekends to be with my family!! :) Thank you!!

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If you should need your order sooner, please let me know and I will do my best to get it to you in time!!
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I am now shipping USPS First Class instead of USPS Priority in order to offer a lower shipping rate! If you would like your item to be shipped Priority 2-3 days please let me know and I will adjust the shipping rate! Thank you!!
Additional policies and FAQs
Each piece is individually hand stamped. Hand stamping is a fun and happy look that is full of personality and character and is a much more casual look than engraving! Letters may be slightly higher or lower and spacing will not be exact but that is the beauty of stamping!!!


*** Please note. If your stamped tags have had the letters darkened, please make sure to only clean your tags with a silver polishing cloth. The letters will lighten if your tags are cleaned with stronger cleaner. Thank you! :)

How should I care for my STERLING SILVER jewelry and findings?
Preventing Tarnish on Sterling Silver:

1. The best way to prevent tarnishing is to store clean, dry sterling silver in a dry airtight container, like a ziplock bag.

2. An anti-tarnish strip with the silver jewelry in a ziplock bag will help fight against tarnish.

3. Don’t leave silver jewelry in the bathroom. Humidity can speed up the oxidation process that produces tarnish.

4. Minimize sterling silver’s contact to chemicals (hairspray, perfume, body lotion, bleach, etc.) and do not wear it the shower, swimming pool or hot tub.

5. After taking off silver jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth before putting it back into an airtight container.

6. A general rule of thumb for silver jewelry: it should be the last thing put on before leaving the house, and the first thing removed when returning home. This will help minimize your jewelry’s contact with perfumes, lotions, and other chemicals.

Cleaning Tarnished Sterling Silver:

1. Always remove jewelry before showering or cleaning. A film can form if soap or cleaning agents are not washed off completely. This film will become a magnet for dirt, dust and other contaminants.

2. Use a silver polishing cloth to remove oxidation from silver. Tissues and paper towels can cause scratches. We recommend using a Sunshine Cloth. Be sure to use fresh cloths since the dirt and grit left on the cloth from a previous use can leave scrapes and pits. Use light pressure and allow the cloth to do the work for you. If your arm starts to ache, you’re probably pressing too hard.

3. Commercial cleaners can be purchased at jewelry stores. Always remember to read the instructions on the commercial cleaners first before you attempt cleaning. Most commercial cleaners are very strong and will remove all oxidation! Many of our designs are purposely oxidized then polished, so that crevices are darkened to bring out the depth and beauty of a piece. Take care not to remove this design element. Do not go overboard!

4. If you’d like to avoid harsh commercial cleaners and the polishing cloth doesn’t work, wash silver jewelry (without gemstones or pearls) in warm water containing a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Immerse the sterling silver in the water and gently hand wash. Use a cotton swab for tight corners. A soft baby toothbrush can be used for more abrasive cleaning when needed. Thoroughly rinse and completely dry the sterling silver before storing, as moisture is one of the factors that contribute to tarnishing!

5. Never clean your jewelry in bleach! Doing this will literally breakdown your jewelry. Bleach is an oxidizing agent that will react to the metal, causing it to become very brittle. Remember to remove your jewelry before swimming or soaking in a hot tub too!

6. If the jewelry contains gemstones or pearls, do not submerge the entire piece into water. Instead, use a cotton swab with mild dishwashing liquid to wash only the silver. Again, thoroughly rinse and completely dry the sterling silver before storing, as moisture is one of the factors that contribute to tarnishing! Chlorine bleach, denatured alcohol, turpentine, acetone, and ammonia are all harmful to gemstones and pearls. These chemicals can dull or even pit the surface on softer gemstones, like amber, turquoise, lapis, and more.

7. Never use toothpaste or other abrasives to clean metal or stones. Some websites recommend toothpaste as a cleaner, but this is not an accepted practice by fine jewelers. The abrasives in toothpaste can damage the surface of the metal. Toothpaste will also abrade the surface on amber, lapis, turquoise and other soft stones.

8. If this steps do not remove the tarnish on the sterling silver, it may require a visit to a professional jeweler who will either clean the sterling silver with an ultrasonic cleaner, or buff it with stages of abrasive paper.

How should I care for my GOLD PLATED jewelry and findings?
Metal is particularly reactive in moist or wet conditions. Regions with humid weather like the seacoast and tropical areas are especially challenging for metals as chlorides combine with moisture and perspiration to form a corrosive element.

The best way to maintain the beauty of your gold plate is to take proper care of it from the beginning. Below are some tips on caring for and cleaning your gold plated jewelry.

1. Store your gold-plated jewelry in velvet, satin or any soft fabric-lined jewelry box. You can also wrap it in a soft material or place in a re-sealable plastic bag to prevent scratches. Keep all your pieces separate from each other to prevent scratching.

2. Remove all gold-plated jewelry before showering, applying lotion, make-up, hairspray and perfume. Soap and lotion usually won’t harm gold, but it can cause a film residue to form, making it appear dull and dingy.

3.Remove all gold-plated jewelry before cleaning. Household cleaners and other harsh chemicals will reduce the luster and can permanently damage your gold-plated jewelry over time.

4. Remove all gold-plated jewelry before entering swimming pools, hot tubs and before using chlorine bleach or any chlorine-based cleaning solutions. Chlorine can react with metals, particularly at high temperatures. Exposure to chlorine can erode, discolor and permanently damage your gold-plated jewelry.

5. To clean your gold-plated jewelry at home, you’ll find many commercial cleaners available. Choose a non-abrasive cleaning material as abrasives can remove the layer of gold-plating. Please take care in making sure the product is safe to use on GOLD.

6. Buffing your gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your pieces lustrous. If you use a jewelry polishing cloth, make sure the cloth is meant for polishing GOLD. For example, do not use a Sunshine Polishing cloth, which is formulated for silver and contains micro-abrasives, on gold plate. Using a polishing cloth that is meant for another metal besides gold could permanently damage your gold-plated items.

7. Gold plated jewelry may also get dirty, making it appear dull and dingy. You can remove the dull film with a jewelry cleanser, soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or commercial window cleaner (like Windex), which contains ammonia. Use a soft cloth to carefully clean the item. After cleaning, rinse with lukewarm water and allow it to dry completely.

8. If the gold has developed spots, a stronger jewelry cleaner can do the job. Be sure that the cleaning product is designed for cleaning gold and follow the manufactures’ instructions. We use Tarn-X to remove reddish brown spots that may develop. If a cleaning substance is too strong it can remove the gold.

We quality control all of the gold plate before it leaves the office to ensure it has a lustrous, flawless finish. However, we have heard from some customers that after several weeks, the gold plate has developed reddish brown spots on the surface. To remove them, we recommend using Tarn-X. We suspect the spots are the result of environmental factors such as perfumes, humidity or other chemicals.

How should I care for my BRONZE jewelry and findings?
Natural Bronze

Natural Bronze will oxidize over time, turning a darker, more muted color. Some designers prefer this darker, aged color as it adds character to the metal. To maintain a shiny bright finish for as long a possible, store your bronze away from the air in a ziplock plastic bag, and keep it as dry as possible. Do not wear in the shower or store in a humid environment.

All metals, including bronze, silver and gold, can react to beauty and cleaning products. Avoid contact as much as possible with perfumes, hairsprays, lotions and household cleaners.

To return bronze to its original shine, a paste made of baking soda and lemon can be applied to the item with a soft cloth. Rub until the item is clean. Wash the mixture off using running water, then dry and buff with a clean cloth.

If you like a high shine, you may prefer using a commercial metal cleaner specifically formulated for bronze or brass. Follow the instructions on the cleaning product.

Silver Plated Bronze

Our Silver Plated Bronze has an Anti-Tarnish finish added to it. This will delay the oxidation process. We do not recommend using any kind of polishing compound on the Silver Plated Bronze because the polishing abrasives will remove a layer of silver, which can expose the bronze underneath. Avoid using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth with micro-abrasives that will strip away a layer of sterling silver.

Gold Plated Bronze

Our Gold Plated Bronze is quite stable. Our plating process uses 98.5% or more of pure 24K gold. Very occasionally, the small percentage of other metals may react to factors in the environment like beauty products (perfume, hairspray), exceptionally humid climates and even medications that are released through the skin.

Gold Plated bronze may also get dirty and look dull or dingy. You can remove the dull film with a jewelry cleanser, soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or commercial window cleaner (like Windex), which contains ammonia. Use a soft cloth to gently rub the item with the cleaning agent. After cleaning, rinse with lukewarm water and allow it to dry completely.

Do not use cleaning abrasives on gold plate as they can remove layers of gold, exposing the bronze underneath. This includes Sunshine Cloth, which is embedded with micro-abrasives.

Gold plated bronze can also be cleaned with a chemical commercial jewelry cleaner specially formulated for gold, such as Tarn-X. Follow manufactures directions.

Gold Filled:

What is Gold Filled and why is it the next best thing to solid gold?

The answer is found simply in the word "Gold Filled". Gold Filled is made from solid "gold" and "filled" with other alloys. Gold Filled wears like solid gold because its outer surface is solid gold. Electroplating is NOT a part of this process.

What are some of the advantages of Gold Filled?

Gold Filled has been referred to as the "Gold of the Future" because it offers all the same physical characteristics as solid gold such as beauty, durability, and strength, but at a fraction of the cost. Since the gold is on the outer surface area, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between solid gold and Gold Filled, except when it comes to the cost!

How is Gold Filled Made?

Gold Filled is made by fusing a layer of Karat Gold to a suitable supporting metal (or alloy) using equipment that carefully controls pressure, heat, and time. The bond produced is a permanent one.

How Long Will Gold Filled Jewelry Last?

The point to remember is that gold, along with its other unique qualities, is virtually indestructible. Since you are guaranteed a substantial layer of gold on your Gold Filled jewelry by law, with reasonable care it will last a lifetime.

Is Gold Filled Jewelry Costume Jewelry?

It definitely is not! The layer of gold in Gold Filled is substantially thicker than the traditional electroplated jewelry. Gold Filled jewelry is fine jewelry that never goes out of style and can be worn beautifully with all tastes and preferences in fashion.

How Do I Care For My Gold Filled Jewelry?

Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain its true beauty. Salt water, chlorine in swimming pools, soap and perspiration take their toll on all fine jewelry. Wipe your jewelry carefully with a soft cloth to keep it clean and free of these elements which oxidizes. The best way to clean in places that a polishing cloth will not reach is very simple and you probably already have what you need in your kitchen. Take a small bowl that will hold about a quart of water and line it with aluminum foil. Add hot water and a tablespoon of Tide washing powder (not liquid or with bleach) and stir. Place your jewelry in the solution for about 1 minute and rinse with clean water and air dry. This works great on Sterling Silver too and it will not hurt any stones. If you have a build-up of dirt in hard to reach places, just put a little dish washing liquid in a bowl of water and soak over night.

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