elevenpeacocks' Shop Announcement

Hello my fellow Etsy friends!

Check out this duct tape fashions article in the New York Times, so fun!

I have awesome plans to revamp my Etsy shop after the holidays and a resolution of mine is to dedicate a little more time to my shoppers. A lot of the products I make never even make it to Etsy, which is so sad! So, with that being said, I am hoping for my shop to be over flowing with purses, passport covers, wallets, checkbook holders, eReader holders and whatever else I can think of.

Please do know that the majority of my wicked cool orders and designs were thought up by my customers. If you have an idea, then shoot it my way. Whether it is something that you want to buy or just something that you think would look cool.

Also, the majority of my products are made when they sell. Every once in a while I try to whip up some of the popular ones to be able to send them on their way asap, but that isn't often around this time of the year. So please let me know if you are needing and or wanting your item on the fly. Otherwise please give me an evening or two from your time of purchase to produce your product.

Thanks so much!
Have a great day! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Don't forget to find me on Facebook. Eleven Peacocks!!/pages/Eleven-Peacocks/155587917792796

If you go to Facebook and like my Eleven Peacocks page prior to ordering I will knock of $2 from your order! Just shoot me a message before ordering that you did so and I will adjust the price. Thanks!!