ellyzee's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop! I am a Baltimore-based artist working largely in "soft art" - plushes, soft sculpture, homespun yarn, dolls, and more. Monsters and magical creatures are my specialty. I am intrigued by cute, bizarre, creepy, adorable, beautiful, weird alike--I hope you are, too! I count among my aesthetic influences Tim Burton, Jan Svankmajer, Diane Arbus, Jeff Mangum, Tom Waits, Salvador Dali, carnival sideshows, bassoons, fairy tales, crows, curiosity cabinets, and the Hall of Wonders in the Walters Art Museum.

If my shop looks a little spare, it is because I am currently restocking my store after hiatus. Handspun yarns are my newest items, but I will be revisiting old favorites, including the collectible Mewts, Mewses, and floppy wool animal dolls. You'll notice I'm especially intrigued by conjoined twin plush animals. ::)

Be sure to look at my sold items to get an idea of what I'm all about. I love to do custom work, schedule permitting. If you see something I've made in the past that you'd like to purchase, please send me a note! I am also very open to trades and other bartering.

You can find me on the web in may places: