emenow's Shop Announcement

My name is Harriet, or e me now at my shop. I DO NOT NEGOTIATE! I have already listed my item at best possible price I can list it at! I add all the supplies plus a mere $10.00 an hour for my labor. I don't add anything for designing. That is the most fun part. I should pay you for the opportunity to design!
I list a new item or 2, every day, most are handmade item (some requiring 40 hours). So come back often.
I have been in Arts and Crafts since a child.
I have owned a 3,200 sq. foot resale shop for 18 years, (no clothes, books, or furniture, just a several thousand items that fit on shelves).
This is my Hobby I love. I have a wide range of interests (and items for sale). As proof the real kicker is what I do for a living. I have operated a Tax Practice since I started it 30+ years ago. And, oh, did I mention I have a B. S. in Theology. I believe Creativeness, (not cleanliness), is next to Godliness.
So, let's get creative!
I so believe in my product. This is an honest endeavor to make a good product. I will give you a one year guarantee on any of my handmade items & jewelry. If it breaks, due to no fault of your own, ship it to me; I will repair it and ship it back to you!
I have many Brooches pendants on Etsy. When you purchase one or more if you would like a 18 1/2" Snake Sterling Silver necklace; tell me in purchase memo note section. I will add $10.00 & no shipping charge to your listing. If you would like a brooch to pendant adapter with your purchase for $6.00 free shipping, just email me. example is at: Please specify horizontal or vertical.
So if you have any questions, just email me or convo me as you say.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.