emibeads' Shop Announcement

My passion are the old trade beads, for years I have purchased and accumulated, and
one day i decided that i wanted to give them new life.
I discovered the beads in Africa, and it was love at first sight.
Their coated colors from time and the thought that they have formed part of the jewels of so many people, that have enabled them to cross the time, are something that has never stopped fascinating.
Realized my jewels with ancient beads of exchange predominantly venetian blinds, La Boheme, german and Czechoslovak, which date back to a period from 1500 to the early 1900.
beads are linked to Africa, in particular north west.
Portuguese and Dutch, arrived in the past centuries in Africa, they realized a pre-existing culture linked to the beads (which is in all probability origin in ancient Egypt), and decided accordingly to bring in Africa in order to trade, the beads produced in Europe.
By then you can tell that the many beads that were brought have never ceased to travel.
And today are often return to their origin and many are part of important collections.
I make my jewelry with the ancient beads that purchase and i purchased in Africa, the metal that I use is the silver 925 and often incorporated into my creations ancient beads and elements always in silver of berber origin.