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DREAMY Deer、Peter Pan: I am really sorry but I do NOT have any in stock. I am sorry.

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If you need more than what you see in my little store, please convo me, most of the times I do have more available ;) I will be more than glad to set you up the quantity you need.

I refer to all my listing as "yard", however, 99.9% of the cases I will send you 1 meter (39.3") or slightly more, as usual. Only in rare cases, I will send 1 yard.


I would highly appreciate if you PLEASE do not ask for discounts, I have been putting many fabrics on sale. Thank you for your kind comprehension.


Reserves will be held for 3 days. If possible, please make the purchase within those 3 days. Thank you.


Shipping fees reflected in each listing might not be accurate. If it is less, and I have overcharged you more than .50 cents, I always refund the excess fee to your Paypal account as soon as I am back from the post office. If the shipping fee is more than what the listing reflects, I will pay for the difference. ;)


Exchange Rate: US$1.00 = Yen 75

This site is excellent to see which countries do scan the registration number when they are registered, and also shows the approximate days of delivery (depending on the service)

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