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Hello! My name is Emily Bidwell, and I curate shopping content as a Merchandising Specialist for Etsy. I've been with Etsy since 2006, and spent my first three years with our Customer Support team. I have a background in fine art, and spent some years making jewelry for Rebekah Brooks. I am a collector by nature, and I love to search Etsy for amazing new crafts and vintage treasures.

You can follow me on Twitter here:

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If you have any questions for the Merch Team, I have included some FAQs below, although I am happy to help direct you to the right place if you need more information. Feel free to send me an Etsy Conversation to


Q. How do I get my Treasury promoted to Etsy's homepage?

Here is some criteria that may help a Treasury be promoted to Etsy's homepage:

- Strong photos, clearly represented product
- No items from the Treasury curator or from their alternate accounts
- No items sold by an Etsy employee or Admin
- A full list, including 4 alternates (no repeats from a shop you have already used in your Treasury list)
- No more than one item per shop
- A variety of items from different categories

Q. I think I was featured on Etsy's homepage. How do I find out about that?

- You can sign up for Facebook alerts through the Promote section of Your Etsy

- Past homepages can be seen on the archival site, CraftCult:

Q. How do I get my shop or items featured on Etsy's homepage or in an Etsy Finds email?

- Take fabulous photos of your work!
- Think like a shopper when tagging your listings so that we can find your amazing items
- Consider seasonal campaigns

Q. What can I do to improve my shop to increase views, sales or eligibility for featured places on Etsy?

For tagging, photo and all other types of help with your shop try:

Virtual Labs seminars and classrooms:

Read Etsy's Merch Desk series in our Blog to keep updated on seasonal campaigns:

Subscribe to Etsy Success emails and keep abreast of other email newsletters to stay aware of what is going on in the Etsy Community:

Check out Featured Sellers to find out what is working for them:

Use Etsy's help center to find answers to other questions about using Etsy and our polices:

Q. How do I promote my Etsy shop?

Get involved!

Join an Etsy Team:

Blog about your shop

Use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

Read Blogs and websites that Etsy members and shoppers love (for example):

Read the Etsy Seller Handbook: