Enchanticals' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Enchanticals… where enchanted creations of all kinds abound and enchantment is always afoot! And, so is whimsy! I am delighted you came.

Hello! You might have noticed that Enchanticals has not had any new items listed as of late.

My beloved late finance’s 1 year anniversary of his death recently past so I decided, as I face life without him, to make many major life changes.

**Since Enchanticals is such a major part of my life, I decided to make changes here too. Enchanticals was never forgotten. Enchanticals always was and always will because it is a place in our imagination.

Not to worry, the enchantment; magic; whimsy, spooky, wizards, fairies; witches, and skellies; heart; soul; and products will remain the basically the same, but Enchanticals is getting a major facelift and a blog that works!

Also, I will be adding NEW product lines, i.e. new types of products!

This is all so very exciting!

Thank you to all of you for your notes, letters, checking up on me, and your friendship.

Thank you to those who continue to follow me and put me in circles. It means more than words can express.

Please check back regularly for the Grand Re-opening of Enchanticals. There s a great deal of work going on behind the scene.

And, remember…

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha

P.S. I will update all the places online you will be able to find Enchanticals when the re-opening occurs.

Enchanticals is known predominantly for my miniature dollhouse creations in 1:12th scale. But, my artistic and creative range is varied and broad. I create in so many different mediums and create varied types of enchanted items.

So, Enchanticals is going back to its roots, i.e. Enchanticals will now carry all the different enchanted creations sold when Enchanticals first opened.

NOT TO WORRY…Miniatures will always be Enchanticals’ main focus! Always.

But, Enchanticals will once again carry other enchanted creations such as magic wands for humans; elemental bottles and other magical bottles; rare and powerful orb wands; crystal and Scrying balls in all scales; potion bottles; enchanted creations made from nature, such as twigs, acorns, leaves, acorn caps, and birds’ nests; affirmation packets and bottles; perfume bottles and other vanity items in scales 1/6th and 1/4th, along with those for miniature dollhouse scale of 1/12th; altered bottles; fashion doll jewelry in scales 1/6th and 1/4th; and dioramas. All of these creations will be IN ADDITION to my miniature dollhouse scale creations (1:12th scale), such as altered furniture and dollhouse accessories made from found objects and nature with wizard, spooky and haunted, witch, faerie, legend and lore, and realism themes... just to name a few.

Spooky, horror, skeletons or “skellies”, Goth, and Halloween type creations are available every day; they are not created just for one day (Halloween) of the year, as in the human world.

My handmade creations are made one at a time. There is no assembly line in my workshop. I keep no written recipes for colors or instructions for an item’s creation; that is why my creations are truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

And, almost all the handmade creations are made from nature and or found objects. I like to take everyday things, as well as those from nature, and use my vast and diverse imagination to change them into something quite different…something enchanted to surprise and delight you!

You will not find another miniature or any other enchanted creations sold on Enchanticals as well crafted inside and outside, anywhere for the price, especially for artist made creations that are signed, dated, and truly one of a kind! Because they are made from nature and found objects, none of them can be duplicated!

**My creations, stories (my “A Little Tale”), ideas, and work are my original creations and my personal creative property and may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, stolen, plagiarized, reprinted, resold or used in any manner or medium, distributed or uploaded in any way without my prior written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain.

**The name itself, Enchanticals, belongs to me. It is my personal property. I created it. So, those using it, in whatever combination of words or in whatever context, have no right to do so.

And, please understand my creations are fantasy and not real. NONE of them have any magical powers or abilities. Plus, there is no evil whatsoever attached or associated with them. They are enchanted fantasy.

***Store Policies***

All buyers, please carefully read my Store Policies for important information about shipping, payment, returns, and etc. Here is the link to get you there…


Payment is due once you buy the item and hit the “Commit to Buy” button. From there, you then must proceed to PayPal and pay for your items.

Please make sure you read the Shipping Section so you will understand how I arrived at the shipping rates in my listings. By reading it, it will prevent fainting, the need for smelling salts, and you wondering if I have hidden fees (I do not!) in those rates or I am trying to make extra money from you (I am not).

Any overage you may pay for shipping will be refunded to you via your PayPal account on the day I mail your item(s). You have my word. And, I pride myself on upholding my word and never dishonoring my good name. I have always refunded any overages in shipping, even 5 cents, and I will continue to do so. The money you pay for shipping is for shipping. … Nothing else. If you pay too much, it belongs to you, not me, and will be refunded to you.

I do combined shipping. All USPS mail in the US will require Delivery Confirmation and is included in the shipping cost.

Insurance… If you chose not to buy insurance, especially on non USPS Priority Mail shipments, remember Enchanticals is not responsible for any loss damage or non delivery while in transit. With insurance, you can always file a claim with the USPS if something happens.


Enchanticals ships internationally to these countries only: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and Wales.

The listings do not show a shipping price for you. Therefore, BEFORE you pay for an item, you will need to convo me for the shipping cost to your country.


Returning Customers~ You will receive a 10% discount (after your first purchase, of course) every time you buy something at Enchanticals, on items or a combination of items totaling over $5.00 or more (shipping, tax, and the like not included). Please note in your comments section that you are a returning buyer.

This is my way of saying, “Thank you! I am so glad to see you again and, most importantly, to let you know just how much you mean to me!”


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Before you enter, please remember to suspend your realities, open your mind and allow your imagination to run free, and let enchantment engulf you as you shop at Enchanticals.

Be Enchanted Always, Marsha