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Take your Enumero Cribbage Board with you to the ballpark the next time you call in sick to watch a day game and make that long 7th inning stretch feel like a warm-up. And just for fun, sing this little diddy to celebrate your score (sung to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”)

Take an Enumero Cribbage Board out to the ball game,
Take it out and show it to the crowd.
Loser buys winner peanuts and cracker jack,
I don't care if I never get four fives and a jack
Let me root, root, root for a skunk
If you don't win it's a shame, there’s always the next game
For it's one for his nibs, a fifteen two, we play three games, and you're out,
At the old ball game.

enumerocribbageboard's Shop Policies


Enumero Cribbage boards are hand crafted in small batches using beautiful, warm hardwoods and richly colored inlay. Each and every board is unique in its appearance, name, and the series (or batch) it belongs to. I humbly believe that an Enumero Cribbage Board will be played on and enjoyed for generations to come.

Enumero is derived from the latin word "enumeratus" which means "to count". Cribbage has been played for over 400 years and continues to grow in popularity.

An Enumero Cribbage board can enhance your playing experience or can be given as a memorable gift to your favorite Cribbage Player.

Enumero Cribbage Boards come with metal pegs that are kept in a small storage compartment at one end of the board. This compartment is secured with a small threaded hardwood cap.


PAYPAL or Etsy


USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail (domestically)
USPS International Priority Mail (internationally)

Refunds and Exchanges

No hassle, no questions asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Additional Policies and FAQs

A quick glance around etsy will reveal that the prices on my Cribbage boards are lower than most, given the amount of inlay, exotic woods used, etc. Cribbage Board Prices are something I struggle with. On the high end of the price spectrum for hand-crafted crib boards, I’ve seen makers ask $250+. On the low end, around $10-30. The question of how much to charge for a hand-crafted crib board gets to the heart of why buy anything hand-crafted at all? The answer to that question is very simple. It makes, you, the buyer feel good.
The price you pay must reflect the value you give the board. People have an inherent eye for quality. People like to own beautiful things that reflect the subtle, almost unspoken nature of fine craftsmanship. Crib boards are one way I communicate my love of woodworking and share my craftsmanship with you, the cribbage player. Over time the prices of the boards may or may not go up, and the boards may or may not become collectible, dare I say even desirable. Since I started out at the high end in terms of quality and craftsmanship, I will always maintain that level, regardless of price. An Enumero Cribbage board will stand out from the crowd. I humbly submit that they are unique, beautiful and you will be proud to own and play on one or give one to your favorite Cribbage player.

Last Updated May 10, 2015