Custom Meeples and Handmade Board Game Tokens

One of the very first things I made, sheep are an integral part of our Agricola and Catan sets.
Lords of Waterdeep faction agents tokens were one of our biggest sellers in 2013.
Robinson Crusoe tokens started as custom pieces which we're now offering to the public!
We package our pieces to be given as gifts or to keep for yourself (the boxes also keep them safe during transit).

Big ideas, small products!

I’ve been playing board games for years, and was introduced to the new wave of Catan when I was an exchange student to Germany my senior year of high school. And then I promptly forgot how to play! When my husband and I got married five years ago, we really jumped headfirst into the Eurogaming scene. The first Christmas we were married, I bought him Agricola. We had fun learning the game and playing together, but both of us were somewhat annoyed that the animals in the game were just plain cubes.

We sat down a few weeks later with a chunk of polymer clay and started sculpting some things. It turned out that I was better at it than hubby, so I made a set of cows. And then a set of boar and sheep.

Our group of gaming friends really liked what I was up to, and I made a few sets to give as gifts. It was about this time that I had opened up an Etsy shop to sell hand-sewn items. Soon, I started shifting my shop over to all gaming-related items. And I found that I enjoyed seeing the joy of other people when they found my items! Four years later we have shipped sheep all around the world and business is only getting better.

The gaming scene always has lots of new games to reignite our passion of playing, so I anticipate we'll keep adding new products for a long time.
Tabitha Woodard
owner, maker, designer
Hi! I make the clay creations and sew the board game bags in our shop. I learned to play Catan and forgot how shortly thereafter. I bought Starfarers as a gift in 2009, and our full board game shelf 6 years later tells the rest of that story!
Brett Woodard
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