ericosmicgirl's Shop Announcement

Hello world! Welcome to my shop!
For years I used to make jewelry for friends and family and give them away. I am so glad that through etsy I could easily set up my shop and showcase my creations. I love gems, crystal and handmade glass, polymer clay and also vintage pieces of jewelry that I can incorporate in mine, or vintage materials. I also love decoupage, hence all these colorful bangles and earrings that I enjoy so much making.
As you can see, my prices are low, in most cases very close to the cost, because I want to make my jewelry as attractive and affordable for you as possible!

If you are new to Etsy, here is a step by step guide to purchasing:

A few of my many very favorite etsy shops are: who creates unique hand painted clothes, shoes and statement jewelry whose jewelry is really FUNIQE= Fabulous +UNIQUE and I can't stop buying it who creates fabulous 3D flowery brooches and cuffs with satin, pearls, crystals and buttons that I have a big collection of whose hand painted totes and eyeglass cases have become an addiction!,Linda's unique doll faces made of polymer clay for wonderful, ethereal creations with fabric flowers, boutonnieres and necklaces that will add romance and an air of vintage to your outfits for unreal flowery gem jewelry that will turn any outfit into perfection
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