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Hi, I'm on sabbatical.

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etsythemes' Shop Announcement

Hi, my name is Nicki! Please browse my banner sets and imagine your shop name on them! (If you see a banner that reads something other than Etsy Themes at the top of my shop, I'm testing out a banner for a customer :-)
Info for the Banner Set newbie:

A banner set is a group of graphic files, all in the same style/design.

The files include:

BANNERS: A banner goes across the top of the shop page. It should have your shop name and something that makes it stand it out so buyers will remember your shop. It should be colorful and/or have eye-catching graphics. A set includes: a) an every day banner, your shop name with the tag word: Sale; b) a banner with the tag word: New Items; c) a banner with the tag word Away or Vacation. Or you can have an optional tag line saying whatever you want.

SHOP AVATAR - The small graphic/image below your shop name on every page in your store. You want buyers and browsers to remember your shop so impress your brand on them at every opportunity.

RESERVED - Reserve a listing (you add as your first picture). The Reserved picture impresses
the browser/buyer with the idea that your product is desirable because others want it.

THANK YOU - When you leave feedback, a thank you graphic is a nice way to show the buyer that
you care about establishing a shopkeeper/customer relationship. It may help to make your customer a repeat buyer!

CUSTOM ORDER - A picture/graphic that shows browsers/buyers that your product is so good, others come to you specifically to have it made. Browsers become buyers.

I sell my art banners in multiples of 5 with the right to use but not re-sell or modify my art work. Ownership may be purchased at an additional cost. There is always a 'Retire a Design' listing on my shop's front page. Please read the listing carefully.

Best regards,