My studio! I work on an antique table made in my grandfather's furniture factory!
Another view of my table! I will spare you the overloaded storage cabinet!
This is the beginning of a fishnet weave bracelet! This one sold the very next day!
My table just before the opening of a local craft show. I am sharing with The Glass Menagerie, also here on Etsy!
A very successful show, so happy to see many of these pieces go to new homes!


All my life I have made things...sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, whatever! When I retired from my 30+ years teaching music, I knew that I was embarking on a new, exciting time in my life! A few months after retirement, I attended a camper rally. Since I was not particularly interested in hearing about tire stability and roof maintenance, I let my husband go to those sessions and I went to the other tent where a very talented lady taught me to weave a bracelet. A bracelet I still wear all the time, years later. That was all it took, and I was hooked. I progressed to making other jewelry pieces, and gave them away to friends and family as gifts for quite a while. It was at their encouragement and urging that I finally opened my business! In March 2011, Every Day a Promise became an official registered business, and a month later I opened my shop here on Etsy!
I have continued to expand and develop my jewelry line, and now make all kinds of different things, but weaving is still my favorite, and I am always learning new ways to weave beads! I participate in several local craft shows and am always so happy when I see people wearing something from my shop! I have been especially thrilled to see my jewelry worn in local weddings, and have a section here in my shop featuring several different wedding-appropriate pieces. Many of the pieces here in my Bridal/Wedding Jewelry section can be custom ordered in the colors of YOUR wedding to make your day even more special!
Feel free to browse my shop! Should you see something you like but need another size/color, just contact me here and I will do my utmost best to make that happen for you!
Thank you for visiting Every Day a Promise!
Laurie Spoon
owner, Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator
A retired music teacher, mother of 2 (grown) children, I live in the country with my husband of 36 yrs just north of Utica, NY. Making jewelry is my hobby-turned passion-turned business! I am a one-person home-based crafter!

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