eweandfish's Shop Announcement

Welcome to ewe & fish!

Our shop is the unexpected result of an emergent friendship between two life-long acquaintances thrown together in a foreign land.

We (Sarah McEwen & Megan Fisher) both grew up in small town Indiana, USA.

Meg, a scientist in training, immigrated in 2006 with her husband and daughter to Australia.
Sarah, a primary school teacher, married an Aussie and after living in the States for seven years, moved in 2005 to Geelong with their newborn daughter.

As children we could never have imagined that we would be living in the same town on the other side of the world with three children apiece roughly the same ages! Our friendship has grown and deepened over the years, right along with our passion for creative endeavours. We are forever exclaiming over some amazing new thing we’ve seen and analysing how it must have been put together.

We have talked and contemplated and dreamed and pondered and finally decided to take the plunge and unleash our creative pursuits on you all (that is, all of you that happen to stop by).

We love to experiment with new mediums and repurpose old items. We are constantly coming up with new creations (that is, when we aren’t busy changing nappies or packing school lunches).

Look around, have fun, drop us a note if you have any questions/comments. We enjoy hearing from you!

sarah mcEWEn & megan FISHer